Securing Hybrid Enterprise Infrastructures Across a Distributed Workplace

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Join us Tuesday, September 15 at 2:00pm ET / 11am PT to learn how top CSOs are securing hybrid enterprise infrastructures across distributed workplaces.

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Join Lane Cooper, Contributing editor of, experts from Thales and security leaders from around the country for an interactive virtual roundtable discussion on the strategies that will effectively secure hybrid infrastructure across today’s hyper-distributed workplace.

We'll address how while the overwhelming majority of business transformation and technology modernization initiatives are focused on moving significant workloads to cloud infrastructures and platforms, most organizations will continue to operate a combination of data centers, private-cloud and public-cloud resources for the foreseeable future. This heterogeneous environment introduces a high level of complexity and risk, which helps explain why – despite overall reductions in IT budgets – 62% of organizations are expected to increase cybersecurity spending in 2020, while another 36% will keep cybersecurity budgets flat. The key question, however, revolves around whether the investments being made today are aligned with the realities of today’s threat landscape.

Over the course of our conversation, we'll discuss the strategic shifts in the threat landscape, the operational requirements for mitigating risks in a hybrid infrastructure environment, the financial and economic implications for securing key assets, and the technological issues that must be managed to work across on-prem, private-cloud and public-cloud environments.

Topics covered specifically during this virtual roundtable include:
  • How has the threat and risk landscape evolved as more organizations operate across increasingly complex hybrid environments?
  • How aligned are current security operations with the shifting landscape? 
  • What specific changes do we need to see in response to operating in a hybrid environment?
  • How willing are C-suite executives to invest in the people, processes and technologies to modernize governance, risk and security operations?
  • What are the technological priorities – from a security standpoint – that should be in place to properly protect enterprise interests in today’s heterogeneous computing environment?

Join us and see the difference: a professionally moderated conversation that’s valuable, on point and full of the answers you’ve been seeking. Apply to attend today.

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Space is limited. Reserve your spot today.

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